Wearing Bow Ties Canada According To Your Face Shape

Bow ties Canada are amazing accessories to use with your attire. Other than accentuating the sense of fashion that your clothing portrays, they can also help in bringing out your personality. Additionally, you can use your bow ties in a variety of events including weddings, a day out with your friends and even to black tie parties. If worn correctly, the right bow tie will make you stand out from the rest while making your look comfortable in your attire. When choosing bowties, however, you ought to pay attention to the shape of your face. Here is a short and simple guideline on how to choose one with regard to your face shape.
Square Face Shapes
People with a square face shape tend to have a face with sharp edges, especially around the lower chin area. In case you have such a face, working with bow ties with round edges is the best option. These bow ties Canada will help to make your sharp jaw appear soft. Also, avoid the bow ties with sharp edges as these will enhance the sharp parts of your face.
Round Face Shapes
For a person with a round shaped face, it is wise to avoid ties with round shapes. They will simply accentuate the round parts of your face. A small tie will do the same as well. Instead, go for ties with batwing or diamond ends in order to bring more attention to your neck and less attention to your chin.
Long Face Shape
Instead of using narrow bow ties, you should go for big bow ties. These will help to accentuate the slim parts of your face. Work with shapes such as the butterfly, the batwing and those ties with wide diamond ends.
A great tie choice will easily bring out some of the best parts of your face. All you need is a tie that matches your face shape. Use the above tips to look great in your bow ties Canada.
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