Three Mistakes that every Groom should avoid when wearing Wedding Ties

As it is known, all the eyes in a wedding ceremony are usually glued on the dress and makeup that the bride will have. However, this doesn't mean that the groom should not pay attention to the type of attire that they wear. In fact, couples that will both wear amazingly during their wedding day will make the day most memorable. Therefore, grooms need to avoid the following three mistakes when wearing wedding ties.
Wearing a Tiesthat are too long or too short. 
One of the most common mistake that most grooms make is wearing their wedding ties either too long or too short. This ends up throwing off the entire appeal of their wedding attire. A well worn ties should rest at the level of the belt buckle. Finding long ties should not be an excuse as designers make ties of different sizes.

Using the wrong Color Pattern of their Ties. 
Another mistake that ruins the appeal of the attire that grooms choose is choosing the wrong tie colour and shade. A great match will be a tie whose colour and patterns complement the colour of the shirt that the groom is wearing. If you find yourself lost on the type of tie to wear, try and wear a dark or navy blue suit with a white shirt as this will go well with almost all wedding ties. 
Wearing too many Accessories with your neck tie. 
Tie accessories are quite many. They include pins, pocket squares and even tie bars. However, some grooms try to use almost all of these accessories only to throw off their looks. Try and minimise the use of such accessories to at least two to three.
A wedding day is one of the times that the groom needs be completely presentable.As a result,they need to avoid the above mistakes. The more appealing the tie looks, the better the wedding pictures will look. For more information click here.
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