Three tips for wearing patterned cheap pocket squares with patterned ties

To be honest, an accessorized man will always look better than a man who is not accessorized. The trick relies on the type of accessory that the person chooses to use. Wearing an accessory will only take you halfway towards looking good. The other half depends on how well you can merge an accessory with your current attire. With the rising preference of cheap pocket squares, it makes sense for people to want to learn about how to use them best. Here are three tips that will guide you into pulling off a pocket square while wearing a patterned tie or a bold colored one. 
Patterned pocket square and solid tie.
For you to pull off this type of look, you ought to ensure that the colors of both items match. For example, you can opt to work with a pocket square that has the primary color of the tie as one of the secondary colors of the pocket square. Additionally, you can also opt to use a different colors shade of your pocket square from that of your tie.
The tie and pocket square are patterned.
Contrast is one of your best tools when wearing ties and cheap pocket squares that are both patterned or printed. The rule of the thumb is to make sure that there is a different spacing between your patterns. If you choose to use a checkered tie, ensure that the patterns of your pocket square are closer or further apart than those of the pocket square. In case you are using a polka-dotted pocket square, wearing a tie with small dots will help to create contrast.

Patterned tie and solid pocket square.
In this case, the same rule will apply as in the first paragraph. Make sure that the primary color of the pocket square is the secondary color of your tie’s pattern. When mixed in this manner, the shirt will help to bring out contrast. 
Accessories will tend to compliment your attire. The right accessory will help you stand out from the crowd. Use the tips below when wearing cheap pocket squares and get to look great. For more information find us.
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