Key Factors to Consider In Pairing Your Pocket Square and Blue Bow Tie Elegantly

Every man’s wardrobe has suits for various occasions. While a tie is deemed to be essential for the suits, you need not stick to the conventional tie. Bow ties are an elegant way to upgrade your look in a suit and especially when paired with a pocket square. There is however fashion rules to follow to get the elegant look right especially when wearing a blue bow tie. Here are some crucial elements you should consider to pair your pocket square and bow tie elegantly.
You should not wear a blue pocket square with a blue bow tie just because they are similar colors as this will appear too busy. Blue bow ties match well with violet, yellow or orange pocket squares.  A navy blue bow tie also matches perfectly with a burgundy pocket square while a royal blue one works with a red one. Both these colors contribute to an elegant and refined ensemble.
Bow ties are available in different patterns, prints, and dots. Failure to match your patterns creates an optical illusion. If you decide to have the same pattern for your bow tie and pocket square, ensure you vary the sizes. You can pair solid-colored bow ties with pocket squares that have some patterns or prints in the same color.
The fabric of your pocket square and bow tie should be different. This creates the right contrast for your outfit and looks dapper. A silk pocket square for instance pairs well with a cotton bow tie and vice versa. Ensure the accessories you select for your look also match your pocket square and tie’s fabric.
You can fold your pocket square in various creative ways to match your blue bow tie. This enables you to always make a fashion statement without trying so hard. Looking always sharp is essential, and there is no better way to do this than with bow ties and pocket squares. For more information click here.
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