Should you wear a neck or a bow tie? Three signs you ought to wear the latter

There has always been a discussion among the fashionable men on whether to wear a bow tie or a necktie and the situations that call for either one of them. While both options will tend to work well in similar fields and events, in most cases, one of them will outdo the other. Unlike a neck tie, a bow tie will leave you looking playful and approachable. As a result, a necktie will be best for situations where you want to be bold and professional. Here are three situations where a bow tie will make the right impression.
You are going to take a cup of coffee with an acquaintance
Going with a friend ton the movies or for a cup of coffee is barely an official thing. Therefore, you ought to look casual. Wear a bow tie and be sure to match it with the type of shirt that you are wearing. In case you have a colorful tie, wear a plain colored shirt. A plain tie, on the other hand, will complement a colorful shirt.
You are attending a job interview
Wearing bow tie to your job interview will definitely get you noticed depending on the type of job. In case you are looking to work in the field of fashion, the more playful you become with your clothe and tie choices the better your chances. Corporate jobs, on the other hand, will call for subtle and bold bow ties.
You are taking a lady out
Women love an outgoing man who is easy to talk to. Wearing this type of tie to your date will definitely portray you as a fun guy. Furthermore, the fact that you are confident enough to stand out in your tie will earn you some extra points from your lady.
A great tie ought to create a lasting impression to those who see you. As a result, making the right choice in terms of the tie to wear is vital. Choose to wear abow tie in the above scenarios and get to create that lasting impression. For more information find us.
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